Energy Suppliers Association
We represent the interests of licensees for supply of natural gas and electricity from different regions of Ukraine
The public union «Energy Suppliers Association» represents the interests of licensees for supply of natural gas and electricity from different regions of Ukraine, who share a common vision for the development of competitive markets for natural gas and electricity.

The Association represents the interests of its members in relations with public authorities. On behalf of its members, the Association educates and informs the media about changes in the natural gas and electricity markets to help consumers better understand them and reap the full benefits of competitive markets.

We firmly believe that the solution to one of the key problems of these markets - the low level of payments of household consumers for consumed housing and communal services - is to teach the consumer to pay for the resources he consumes. If the consumer will be responsible for payments for consumed energy resources, he will be responsible for their consumption.

Energy independence
from other states and domestic monopolies
Investment attractiveness
changing the approach to regulation and supervision, privatization of state
Increasing its own
gas production and electricity production
modernization of production facilities, replacing them with more efficient and environmental ones
audit and prosecution of inefficient public managers reorganization of the management system
  • Development and implementation of new projects and programs of improving natural gas and electricity markets
  • Interaction with national and foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Providing comprehensive support for the activities and promoting the exchange of experience between members of the Association
  • Implementation of the requirements of the Third Energy Package in accordance with the Action Plan for the implementation of the first stage of implementation of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035
  • Organization and holding of lectures, seminars, trainings, conferences, meetings and other informational and educational events
  • Representation and protection of legitimate professional and other common interests of the Association members in central and local authorities, other state and non-state institutions and organizations
Strategic objectives
Withdrawal of the population to market pricing
In the electricity market
Increase of nuclear generation in the total production
The modernization of the units and transferring them to alternative fuel elements from other States and domestic monopolies
Thermal energy
Privatization of state CHP, TPP
Integration program for miners
Modernization of CHP, TPPs to use more environmentally friendly energy source
The output of hydro power from the compensation process of «green tariff
Modernization of the existing hydroelectric power stations in hydro-accumulating power plants
Additional construction/commissioning of units at existing hydroelectric power stations
Renewable energy
The introduction of fees for balancing
The abolition of stimulating new construction of «green energy
Development of a system of accumulation
The only energy system with the EU for export
Reliable and developed infrastructure
Economically justified and fair tariffs
In the natural gas market
Introduction of the program of optimization of GTS, GDM, effective use of capacities
Introduction of the modernization program and green tariff for DH companies
Independent market institutions
Highly liquid exchanges and hubs
Guaranteed trade operations by banking institutions
The only independent operator of the natural gas and electricity market
Market prices for consumers
Introduction of market gas prices for all categories of consumers
Transparent procedure for changing the gas supplier
Definition of a guaranteed supplier or supplier of «last resort
Equal access to the resource
Equidation of the monopoly of the Naftogaz group
Input / exit points and virtual reverse
Development of the accumulation system
Improved mechanism for providing state aid
Loan lending at a small interest rate to pay debts under restructuring agreements
Cancelation of "sleeping" licenses
Discharge of underground gas storage facilities to a separate independent operator
Partial privatization
‎• Vinnytsiagas Zbut
‎• Volyngas Zbut
‎• Dnipropetrovskgas Zbut
‎• Zhytomyrgaz Zbut
‎• Zakarpatgaz Zbut
‎• Zaporizhgaz Zbut
‎‎• Umangaz Zbut
‎‎• Poltavagaz
‎‎ Khersonregiongaz
‎‎ Kremenchukgaz-postachannya
    ‎• Ivano-Frankivskgas Zbut
    ‎• Kyivoblgaz Zbut
    ‎• Lvivgaz Zbut
    Mykolayivgaz Zbut
    ‎• Rivnegaz Zbut
    Sumygas Zbut
    Cherkasygaz Zbut
    Tepla Energy Company
    ‎• Kharkivgas Zbut
    ‎• Khmelnytskygaz Zbut
    ‎• Chernihivgaz Zbut
    ‎• Chernivtsigaz Zbut
    ‎• JE Energy
    ‎• Trading House «LUBNYHAZ»
    Skela Tercium
    Luganskgaz Zbut
      Natural gas
      Directive EC
      Resolution of NKREKP No. 2499 dated 30.09.2015 «On approval of the contract for storage (pumping, out take) of natural gas»
      Advising on legal and regulatory requirements for suppliers of natural gas and electricity
      Why to be a member of the Association:
      Representation of the interests of suppliers of natural gas and electricity in relations with public authorities
      Exchange of experience, innovations, technological solutions
      Providing media coverage of key events
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